Empower Women

Achieve Financial Independence

Our Financial Education Program for Women Experiencing Domestic Violence

What you'll learn

  • Gain financial independence and control of your finances
  • Learn how to budget and save money effectively
  • Understand how to build credit and manage debt
  • Identify new business opportunities and learn how to evaluate their potential
  • Develop a business plan and understand different types of business models
  • Learn how to create a minimum viable product and identify a target market
  • Understand how to price your products or services for profitability
  • Learn how to engage and build relationships with customers
  • Learn how to prototype and test your business idea


Welcome to the "Huellas & Futuro" financial education program! Our program is designed to empower women who have been affected by domestic violence and living in poverty by providing them with the tools they need to achieve financial independence. Our organization, led by fellow Daniela Valdivia, has been working towards violence prevention and female empowerment since 2011, and has helped over 200 women in vulnerable situations by providing technical training, expert advice, and seed capital.

At "Huellas & Futuro," we understand that financial education is essential for women who have often been denied access to higher education and financial services. That's why we've created this program, to give women the knowledge and skills they need to take control of their financial futures. By enrolling in our program, you will receive comprehensive financial education and support as you work towards your financial goals. Join us today and start your journey towards a brighter financial future.


This financial education program is aimed at providing women living in poverty and experiencing domestic violence with the knowledge, skills and resources needed to manage their finances and improve their economic well-being. It is divided into 15 modules and the duration of the program will depend on how quickly you complete each module. Each module should take around 30-40 minutes to complete.

Module 1: Introduction to Financial Literacy
  • Overview of the importance of financial literacy for women living in poverty and experiencing domestic violence
  • Understanding the barriers and challenges faced by this population in accessing financial services and achieving economic independence
Module 2: Basic Financial Concepts
  • Understanding income and expenses
  • Budgeting and saving
  • Building credit and managing debt
Module 3: Entrepreneurship Fundamentals
  • Identifying business opportunities and evaluating their potential
  • Developing a business plan
  • Understanding different types of business models
Module 4: Creating a Business Model
  • Understanding what a Minimum Viable Product is and how to create one
  • Identifying a target market and understanding customer needs
  • Developing a value proposition and revenue streams
Module 5: Cost Analysis and Pricing Strategies
  • Understanding the difference between fixed and variable costs
  • Identifying direct and indirect costs
  • Developing a pricing strategy that balances costs and revenue
Module 6: Understanding and Engaging with Customers
  • Identifying and segmenting target customers
  • Understanding customer needs and preferences
  • Building and maintaining customer relationships
Module 7: Distribution and Payment Methods
  • Identifying the most appropriate distribution channels for your product or service
  • Understanding different payment methods and strategies for collecting revenue
Module 8: Prototyping and Testing
  • Creating a prototype of your product or service
  • Conducting market research and testing
    Assessing the potential of your business idea
Module 9: Building Resilience and Coping with Challenges
  • Understanding the impact of domestic violence on financial well-being
  • Identifying and accessing resources for support and safety
  • Developing strategies for coping with financial stress and trauma
Module 10: Accessing Finance and Business Support
  • Understanding the different types of financing options available
  • Identifying and applying for grants and loans
  • Building a network of support and mentorship
Module 11: Financial Planning and Management
  • Recording and tracking financial transactions
  • Budgeting and forecasting cash flow
  • Understanding financial statements and reports
Module 12: Legal and Regulatory Compliance
  • Understanding the legal and regulatory requirements for starting and running a business
  • Preparing and negotiating contracts and agreements
  • Protecting intellectual property
Module 13: Digital Marketing and Technology
  • Understanding the importance of digital marketing for small businesses
  • Utilizing social media and e-commerce platforms to reach customers
  • Building a website and online presence
Module 14: Building a Socially Responsible Business
  • Understanding the role of business in promoting social and environmental change
  • Identifying opportunities for impact and measuring impact
  • Building a sustainable and responsible business model
Module 15: Graduation and Next Steps
  • Reflecting on personal and professional growth
  • Identifying next steps for business development and growth
  • Building a community of support and networking.
Founder: Daniela Valdivia
Duration : 8h
Modules : 15
Course level : Beginner
Language : English/Spanish